Two turkeys, who will serve as the National Thanksgiving Turkey and alternate, are seen in a hotel room ahead of the 73rd annual…


U.S. stock futures ticked up on Tuesday on the news that President-elect Joe Biden was authorized to receive access to key information that will allow his transition to the presidency. Following weeks of refusal by President Donald Trump to concede the election, the head of the General Services Administration confirmed that Biden is the “apparent winner” after Michigan officials certified Biden’s victory.

Biden named several key nominees for his Cabinet and other adviser positions, including Janet Yellen for treasury secretary. Economists say that Yellen, a former Federal Reserve chair, faces the challenge of forging a broad consensus among the presidential administration, Congress and the general public to achieve economic growth.

Sunday marked the busiest day at U.S. airports since March 16, highlighting the fact that millions of Americans are traveling this Thanksgiving holiday despite warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to remain at home. More than one-third of parents surveyed in a poll said that they believe a family gathering for Thanksgiving is worth the risk. 

Public health experts warn that a massive migration of college students headed home for Thanksgiving could cause a major virus surge, even as they say that a negative COVID-19 test is not sufficient to guarantee a safe holiday.

Some doctors are advising the CDC to warn the public of potential side effects from a coronavirus vaccine to ensure they are not deterred after receiving the first shot. Both companies Moderna and Pfizer have acknowledged that their vaccines could induce side effects that are similar to symptoms associated with mild COVID-19. At the same time, evidence is mounting of a trust gap among Black and Latino communities who are hesitant to receive a vaccine, including if it is offered for free. 

The CEO of Australian national airline Qantas said future travelers will be required to prove they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus before flying. The executive said he believes the requirement will become a “common theme” among most carriers.

The market for warehouse space is booming ahead of the holiday shopping season, underscoring the retail industry’s future in e-commerce. Several stores owned by Macy’s went “dark” last month to provide more space as fulfillment centers for online orders.

Workers for major retailers including Walmart, Amazon and Kroger are demanding that their employers reinstate hazard pay and strengthen safety protocols heading into the shopping season, highlighting the recent surge in U.S. infections.

The maker of the Oxford English Dictionary unveiled its annual Word of the Year on Monday, nixing the tradition of picking just one word for 2020. Unable to choose a single word or phrase to define the last year, Oxford Languages chose dozens. Among them are “’Blursday,” “systemic racism,” and, inevitably: “pandemic.”


How to keep up employee morale during a difficult holiday season – Quartz at Work – 11/24/2020
The first step is to reach out to employees; individually, if you run a small team, or collectively for larger work groups, to help staff understand their loss—whether a loss of life, human connection, whatever it may be. Once people understand their loss, they can begin to accept it, and hopefully move on. Leaders need to be compassionate, empathetic and understanding in this outreach process. 

‘Never let a crisis go to waste’: how three CEOs helped their companies thrive in a pandemic – The Conversation – 11/24/2020
The pandemic accelerated Maersk’s technological transformation efforts, which led to new digital products and services while modernising its customer interface, back-end infrastructure and assets such as ships and terminals. Maersk also built expertise through acquisitions, purchasing warehousing and distribution company Performance Team, and customs management firm KGH Customs.

Four keys to leadership, by four Young Global Leaders – World Economic Forum – 11/24/2020
To understand the factors that inform effective leadership and decision-making now, we asked a sample of Young Global Leaders for their insights. These individuals, already exceptionally accomplished in their fields, have benefited from opportunities to enhance their impact over a five-year leadership journey through the Forum of Young Global Leaders.

Some Peloton Buyers Are Sick of Waiting – Wall Street Journal – 11/24/2020
“We’d probably still be waiting today,” said Debbie Bullen, of Newton, N.H., who ordered a $4,565 Peloton treadmill in early August, but canceled the purchase after a seven-week wait. She said the machine didn’t arrive on the scheduled delivery date and, after a series of calls to the company, a Peloton representative told her the treadmill wasn’t yet at a warehouse and offered no new delivery estimate. 

Big Tech was already dominant. Has coronavirus made it unstoppable? – Fast Company – 11/24/2020
Put simply, COVID-19 has been an effective weapon of mass distraction from big tech’s bad behavior. No news story survives 12 hours while a pandemic coupled with a national display of incompetence renders everything else what it is, less important. But whether we are paying attention or not, unchecked growth and market dominance lead to a slew of problems.


County Executive Johnny Olszewski @BaltCoExec 24 Nov This Thanksgiving, skip the hugs and large family gatherings now so you can have them for years to come. And please, for the love of god, wear your mask. The end of the virus is coming. And that should motivate us to do our part.

Daily Times @dailytimespak 24 Nov About 1 million Americans a day packed airports and planes over the weekend even as coronavirus deaths surged across the US and public health experts begged people to stay home and avoid big Thanksgiving gatherings.

Liam Stack @liamstack 24 Nov “Attending the parties will be a very personal choice,” said First Lady Melania Trump’s spokeswoman. “It is a longstanding tradition for people to visit and enjoy the cheer and iconic décor of the annual White House Christmas celebrations.”

Tribune-ReviewSports @TribSports 24 Nov #Ravens running backs Mark Ingram and J.K. Dobbins will miss the Thanksgiving game after testing positive for coronavirus.

Dena Grayson, MD, PhD @DrDenaGrayson 24 Nov ⚠️PLEASE avoid travel this #Thanksgiving. *If* you must travel in a car with someone outside your #coronavirus-free bubble, #WearAMask and keep the windows open at least 3 inches to help prevent accumulation of aerosol particles. Helpful info from Drs. @j_g_allen @CorsIAQ.


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