Farmers transport blankets and mattresses at the site of a protest against new farm laws, at the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border in Ghaziabad, India. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui


The Indian Supreme Court paused the passage of several new farm laws amid mass protests of farmers spanning over two months. Chief Justice of India Sharad A. Bobde led a bench consisting of three judges aimed at facilitating negotiations with the farmers, who argue that new agriculture deregulation around crop pricing would be a financial disaster for them.

Indian authorities maintain that the new laws will help to modernize an antiquated farming system with several supply chain bottlenecks, yet the farmers argue that the new reforms would take away a safety net that guarantees a minimum price for crops. Negotiations are set to resume on Friday.

Placing a stay on these controversial laws will prevent them from being forcefully implemented by the government while negotiations take place. Balbir Singh Rajewal of the Bhartiya Kisan farmer’s union criticized the notion of conducting the negotiations with “pro-government” panel members. “We had said yesterday itself that we won’t appear before any such committee. Our agitation will go on as usual. All the members of this Committee are pro-government and had been justifying the laws of the Government,” he said.


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India’s Top Court Suspends Farm Laws That Prompted Massive Protests – New York Times – 1/12/2021
It was unclear if the suspension would satisfy the protesting farmers. They have insisted on a complete repeal of the laws. which they say would diminish what little state protection they have and put them at the mercy of corporations.

India Court Bars Modi From Executing Laws That Irked Farmers – Bloomberg – 1/12/2021
The court refused to give more time to the government to find a solution and said the panel will hold discussions with both the parties. This committee will submit a report to the court in two months from the first meeting, which is due to be held in 10 days, the court said.

Farmers Protests: How farm stir turned an expensive hobby into agitation mainstay – The Indian Express – 1/12/2021
Modified trollies, which once started as a convenient travel-and camp mode of transport for religious festivals in Punjab, have been the backbone of farmers’ protest in Delhi. These ‘travelling homes’ not long ago invited criticism for Punjabi youth who would spend a fortune on turning them into luxury contraptions tagging behind tractors. But the farm protest has turned this fad or an expensive hobby for some into a symbol of fight for ones rights.

Supreme Court puts on hold 3 farm laws, sets up 4-member committee to hold talks – India Today – 1/12/2021
The Supreme Court on Tuesday heard petitions related to the Centre’s three new farm laws and those concerning people’s right to free movement in the backdrop of the ongoing farmers’ protest. In its verdict, the Supreme Court said it was putting a hold on the three farm laws till further notice. The Supreme Court has also set up a four-member committee to give a report to the court on the farm laws.


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