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Trouble is boiling over for the Lincoln Project, perhaps the best known “Never Trump” organization, as it faces accusations that leadership ignored harassment allegations brought to their attention to continue fundraising efforts.

The group of Republican Party consultants and former officials were informed by email and phone in June 2020 of at least ten allegations of harassment against co-founder John Weaver, two of which involved Lincoln Project employees. The correspondence brings into question the Lincoln Project’s previous “shock” over Weaver’s behavior in response to a Jan. 31 article from the New York Times detailing the allegations of 21 young men, including a 14-year-old. Just weeks before the New York Times Report, Weaver acknowledged and apologized for sending unsolicited, sexually charged messages to multiple men, sometimes partnered with job offers or political advancement.

Lincoln Project leadership took no action over the summer as the group continued to raise $90 million ahead of the election, more than $50 million of which went to firms controlled by the group’s leadership. While there is no evidence that the Lincoln Project dismissed the allegations for business reasons, the harassment allegations and new claims of questionable spending practices highlight mismanagement within the group. 

George Conway, a co-founder and husband of former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, said he was not told about the allegations until long after Conway had stopped active involvement in the organization. Conway also said he did not know Weaver very well, despite co-authoring an op-ed with him in 2019. Journalist Ryan Girdusky said the accusations were “not a well-kept secret” in Washington, D.C., before the New York Times’ report was released. Republican strategist Karl Rove said he has been aware of allegations against Weaver for more than 30 years.

Lincoln Project co-founder Jennifer Horn left the organization last week in light of the accusations. 

“John Weaver’s grotesque and inappropriate behavior, coupled with his longstanding deceptions concerning that behavior, are sickening,” Horn said. “It is clear at this point that my views about how the Lincoln Project’s efforts are managed, and the best way to move the Lincoln Project forward into the future in the wake of these awful events, have diverged.’’

The organization responded to Horn following her comments, saying she demanded a pay raise and a board seat before her departure.


This section includes an aggregation of articles showing different viewpoints on the topic.

What Did the Lincoln Project Know About John Weaver, and When? – PJ Media – 2/11/2021
Last month, Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver resigned when the news broke that he’d been offering young men career opportunities in return for sex. In response, LP just said this: “John’s statement speaks for itself.” But it didn’t speak for itself. It didn’t tell us what the rest of those Lincoln Project jerks knew about Weaver’s activities, or when they knew it. Those scumbags keep insisting they had no idea, which seems highly unlikely. And as of today, it’s even less likely.

Lincoln Project’s Wilson dismisses scathing AP report on John Weaver scandal as ‘hit’ piece from ‘Trump world’ – Fox News – 2/11/2021
Co-founder Steve Schmidt told the AP that his anti-Trump group would “fully comply with the law” and would be “delighted to open its books for audit immediately after the Trump campaign and all affiliated super PACs do so.” On Thursday morning as the story hit, Schmidt’s colleague, fellow co-founder Wilson, took to Twitter with his thoughts on the report.

Lincoln Project’s avowed ignorance of Weaver texts undercut by leaked internal talks – Washington Blade – 2/9/2021
The Lincoln Project’s leaders, amid the unfolding scandal of co-founder John Weaver soliciting sexual favors from young men, have asserted they were unaware of his indiscretions until last month, but electronic communications obtained by the Washington Blade call that claim into question and suggest some Lincoln Project executives knew about the texts as early as last summer, but took no substantive action in response.

Lincoln Project denounces founder John Weaver after sexual harassment allegations from 21 men – PinkNews – 2/2/2021
Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt said that while the PAC’s leaders were aware Weaver had same-sex relationships, there was “no awareness or insinuations” of inappropriate behaviour. In a statement, the Lincoln Project made clear: “John Weaver led a secret life that was built on a foundation of deception at every level. He is a predator, a liar, and an abuser.

‘We Have Been Betrayed And Deceived By John Weaver’ – Instinct Magazine – 2/1/2021
On Sunday, the Lincoln Project called Weaver out in no uncertain terms tweeting, “John Weaver led a secret life that was built on a foundation of deception at every level.” “He is a predator, a liar, and an abuser,” continued the statement. “We extend our deepest sympathies to those who were targeted by his deplorable and predatory behavior. We are disgusted and outraged that someone in a position of power and trust would use it for these means.”

Nolte: AP Says Lincoln Project Shielded John Weaver for Months, Pocketed Millions – Breitbart – 2/11/2021
The far-left Associated Press released a bombshell Thursday claiming that going as far back as June, the leaders of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project knew all about multiple sexual misconduct allegations against its cofounder, John Weaver. The report also exposes the mind-boggling fact that of the $90 million the left-wing group raised, “more than $50 million has gone to firms controlled by the group’s leaders.”


This section includes an aggregation of tweets showing different viewpoints on the topic.

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