“People of Color Especially Don’t Know Where or When to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine” – KFF / Sources: KFF Covid-19 Vaccine Monitor


The number of weekly unemployment claims decreased in the past week to 793,000, signaling that winter layoffs could be easing and moving economists to predict that the worst of the job market’s decline is over. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said Wednesday that the market is still a long way from full recovery, calling on both the federal government and the private sector to contribute to the Fed’s efforts to build a supportive monetary policy. 

Reddit has morphed into an unexpected resource for many Americans experiencing unemployment, offering more direct, immediate information that sidesteps the bureaucracy that some say inhibited their access to benefits. Posts on the forum  r/Unemployment spiked in January, driven by delays in payments and uncertainty around new stimulus legislation. 

The U.S. chip industry is calling on the Biden administration to fund domestic factories as a global chip shortage slows car manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors. GM warned that the shortage of semiconductor chips, which are mostly manufactured abroad, could cut its 2021 earnings by up to $2 billion. Globally, the shortage could cut $60.6 billion in revenue from the global automotive industry this year. At the same time, the International Energy Agency increased its estimates for oil demand, predicting that it will outstrip production by the second half of the year in a “brightening economic outlook.”

People who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus can skip quarantine if they have been exposed to a person infected with COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday. The agency clarified that a person would need to have both doses of one of the approved vaccines and at least two weeks to have passed since the last dose. The CDC also reported new findings that two masks are more effective at preventing the spread of the virus, but did not recommend that the public double up on masks. 

The World Health Organization has recommended the use of the new AstraZeneca vaccine, even in countries struggling to contain the variants found to be more resistant to the shot. AstraZeneca said during its earnings report that it will work with the University of Oxford to adapt its vaccine to address new strains of the virus. Pharmaceutical company Merck revealed it is in talks with governments and companies to reproduce one of the approved coronavirus vaccines, which would speed production and distribution.

Millions of families are opting to stay at home this year rather than gather to celebrate the Lunar New Year, which begins at midnight Feb. 12. The two-week festival celebrated in Vietnam, South Korea, China, and other Asian countries will be more subdued this year, although international students in the U.S. say they look forward to moving into the Year of the Ox – the Chinese zodiac described as strong, reliable and diligent.


Black Doctors Work Overtime to Combat Clubhouse Covid-19 Myths – Bloomberg – 2/11/2021
or the last year, Dr. Daniel Fagbuyi said he has worked 12- to 14-hour shifts as an emergency room physician treating patients who have been struck by Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Fagbuyi recently picked up a side gig, one that isn’t paying him anything.

Meet the women on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus – Happiful Magazine – 2/11/2021
Today is International Day of Women and Girls in Science, an awareness day established by the UN General Assembly in 2015. Celebrating women’s excellence in science and reminding us that gender equality and science must advance hand-in-hand, the day shouldn’t go by unnoticed.

Temperature scanners aren’t good at telling who has COVID-19 – here’s how to fix that – The Conversation – 2/11/2021
During the pandemic, the chances are that as you enter an airport or doctor’s surgery, someone will point an infrared thermometer at your forehead in order to assess your temperature. Your skin temperature is being measured to try to identify whether or not you have an increased deep body temperature, which is indicative of fever, one of the leading signs of COVID-19.

These sniffer dogs in Germany can detect COVID-19 with 94% accuracy – World Economic Forum – 2/11/2021
A German veterinary clinic has trained sniffer dogs to detect the novel coronavirus in human saliva samples with 94% accuracy. The dogs are conditioned to scent out the “corona odour” that comes from cells in infected people, said Esther Schalke, a vet at Germany’s armed forces school for service dogs.

The Comfort of a Lunar New Year in Isolation – Time – 2/11/2021
Lunar New Year might bring to mind festivals and fireworks, but I’ve always associated it with a kind of isolation. Long before the pandemic, long before the rest of America learned about sriracha and pho, I grew up in a Vietnamese refugee family in a mostly white town in Michigan.


Ian Weissman, DO @DrIanWeissman 10 Feb CDC Says Double-Masking Offers More Protection Against The Coronavirus. Wearing a cloth mask over a medical mask significantly boosts protection against the virus with 95% effectiveness.

The Detroit News @detroitnews 11 Feb Federal authorities are investigating a massive counterfeit N95 mask operation in which fake 3M masks were sold in at least five states to hospitals, medical facilities and government agencies.

MEGHAN SCHILLER @MeghanKDKA 10 Feb A revolutionary new face shield will hit the shelves soon, and its all possible because of a local company about an hour north of downtown #Pittsburgh.@ismithKDKA @KDKA

MSNBC @MSNBC 10 Feb A White House proposal to mail masks to Americans may be targeted at schools or communities that are particularly vulnerable to the spread of the coronavirus, rather than to all U.S. households, multiple senior administration officials say.

Book Depository @bookdepository 11 Feb Happy #LunarNewYear This year is the year of the Ox! Browse our collection of fiction and children’s book we’ve hand-picked for the occasion: #yearoftheox2021


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