Members of the LGBTQ community protest against the military coup in Yangon, Myanmar, February 19, 2021. REUTERS/Stringer


Protests against the Myanmar military coup claimed their first life Friday, as a woman died after being shot by officers last week. The death of the 19-year-old Mya Thwet Thwet Khine, already hailed as a hero, could inflame the protest movement, which so far has embraced nonviolent civil disobedience and defiance through art

“Please participate and continue fighting until we achieve our goal,” said her sister, Mya Thatoe Nwe. She said the funeral will be held Sunday.

Crackdowns hardened across the nation as the military that overthrew the government on Feb. 1 rounded up and arrested hundreds of protestors and broke up processions carrying banners of longtime leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Police continue to use water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets against protestors to disperse them, and Monday the government cut Internet service. 

Protestors also blamed China for tolerating or even backing the new regime, although the country’s ambassador to Myanmar, Chen Hai, said Tuesday that “the current development in Myanmar is absolutely not what China wants to see.”

The U.S. on Thursday welcomed the U.K. and Canada in its efforts to stop the regime through sanctions. The military charges that Myanmar’s November elections were compromised by fraud, but election observers disputed those allegations, and the U.S. and other countries aren’t buying it. 


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Rebel Riot: The punk soundtrack to Myanmar’s anti-coup protests – Al Jazeera – 2/19/2021
The tattooed 23-year-old features in “One Day”, a new film clip by Myanmar’s foremost punk band Rebel Riot, delivering seething vocals over the top of a barrage of heavy guitars.

Thousands Protest In Myanmar Despite UN Official’s Warning Of A Potential Military Crackdown – Daily Caller – 2/17/2021
Thousands of people participated in protests against the military coup in Myanmar on Wednesday regardless of a warning from a U.N. official that the military could be planning a violent response to quell demonstrations, the Associated Press reported.

Myanmar’s coup hands Biden a crisis opportunity – Asia Times – 2/18/2021
But calls are already rising for the Biden administration to take an even tougher stance, one that would send a clear signal that his government will truly prioritize rights and democracy in its foreign policy in Southeast Asia and the wider world.

Sending a Message to Myanmar’s Military – Bloomberg – 2/18/2021
“Since the military staged the coup, we all live in fear.” Meet KT, a protester in Myanmar’s pro-democracy movement. He explains #WhatsHappeninglnMyanmar and how demonstrators are learning tactics from their Asian neighbors.


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