Francis becomes 1st pope to back civil unions for same-sex people

LGBT organizations express optimism, conservative organizations say it won’t affect doctrine

Federal report accuses universities of failing to report millions in gifts from foreign adversaries

Officials call ignoring the reporting requirement a national security issue because of the influence other countries could have over what college students learn.

Supreme Court agrees to hear cases on mainstays in Trump’s immigration policies

The cases regarding border wall funding and “Remain In Mexico” asylum should be decided by this spring.

Biden and Trump square off online, reveal tiny bits of news in virtual town hall meetings

Trump takes tough questions over QAnon and the virus, while Biden says he will reveal his plans to pack (or not pack) the court by election day.

Democrats probe Amy Coney Barrett at hearings despite her insisting that she has “no agenda”

Barrett declines to answer questions on abortion, gay marriage and election disputes.

Barrett pledges to be impartial while Democrats stoke fears about her overturning Obamacare

Democrats also express anger at the hearing process less than a month before elections.

UN Agency that helps the hungry awarded Nobel Peace Prize for giving peace a chance in war-torn countries

The World Food Program was also cited for providing food during the pandemic

What’s the buzz? Well, it’s in-depth policy discussions at the VP debate

Sen. Harris and VP Pence trade mostly civil thoughts on the coronavirus, Black Lives Matter and climate change.