Stay informed around Covid-19.
Without the media fatigue and information overload.

Each day, thousands of articles, millions of social media posts, and around-the-clock-news coverage centered around Covid-19. We’re all feeling fatigued and overwhelmed. That’s why thousands trust our daily briefing, for unbiased Covid-19 news. Each day, we cut through the media and social noise, and offer balanced, actionable guidance on how to navigate the pandemic.

Start your day with:

  • Up-to-the-minute, unbiased news and insights around the key Covid-19 topics and developments you need to know for the day. Each of our briefings is delivered free of noise, misinformation, and partisan bickering.
  • Balanced coverage from a broad range of sources that you won’t find in any other single-source or promotional newsletters. More than just the notifications appearing on your mobile device, The Neutral looks beyond the story to uncover new insights.
  • An easy-to-read email that takes less than five minutes to consume.
  • (The Covid-19 Briefing is delivered Monday through Friday at 6:30AM PST. As a result of customer feedback, we also deliver an additional briefing Sunday at 11:00AM PST.)
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