Republican senators stop independent commission from investigating Jan. 6 Capitol attack

GOP sees an attempt to tarnish Trump, but Dems say GOP is afraid

Coronavirus Today: May 27

Fresh research indicates that immunity to the coronavirus may continue for years after infection or inoculation

A rise in violent antisemitism worries officials in both parties

Both Greene and progressive Democrats called out by own parties for questionable…

Coronavirus Today: May 26

Half of adults in the U.S. are now fully vaccinated , with that number expected to tick up as 61% have received at least one dose.

Coronavirus Today: May 25

Consumer demand is ticking up for numerous items that indicate Americans are preparing to be around each other again.

A year later, Floyd’s death marked with remembrance, hope and gunshots

Biden meets with Floyd’s family and says he’s optimistic for police reform  The…

Coronavirus Today: May 24

India topped 300,000 recorded deaths from the coronavirus over the weekend, becoming the third country to do so.

Coronavirus Today: May 21

The White House partnered with prominent dating apps to offer incentives to customers who’ve been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Expanded death toll from COVID-19 adds alarms to a world struggling with virus

U.S. bribes residents with love and beer for vaccinations while other nations declare emergency

Coronavirus Today: May 20

U.S. jobless claims fell again in the last week to 444,000 as concerns of labor shortages continue.