Trump fires director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Krebs indicated last week that he expected to be fired soon

Two vaccines test at 95 percent effective, lending optimism to a world under siege by COVID-19

Pfizer announces Wednesday its vaccine is the first to complete all trials

Many Democrats are blaming ‘Defund the Police’ messaging for underperformance in 2020 races

Several states passed police reform measures that pushed for accountability

President-elect Biden lists both big tech execs and antitrust advocates to his transition team

Tech companies in the U.S. and Asia hope for looser immigration restrictions

Coronavirus Today: November 16

The U.S. has surpassed 11 million COVID-19 cases, with 1 million cases reported in the last week alone

Walmart sells majority shares of Japanese supermarket chain Seiyu

KKR and Rakuten hope to capitalize on demand for online grocery shopping

DACA program reinstated after federal judge rules suspension invalid

Chad Wolf is heading the DHS illegally, judge says, neutering the suspension of the program

Coronavirus Today: November 13

China’s two biggest vaccine companies have already begun inoculating hundreds of thousands

South Korea, Hungary set to distribute ‘unproven’ Russian vaccine Sputnik V

Microsoft reports that Russia and North Korea are still attempting to steal U.S. vaccine intel

TikTok ban enforcement delayed by Commerce Department

The ban would have effectively shut down the app in the U.S. on Thursday