Coronavirus Today: February 16

Many people who have filed workers’ compensation claims following COVID-19 infections are being denied.

Bitcoin prices surge past $50,000, signaling a new tide of acceptance

Some in the finance sector remain skeptical

Grocery store workers looking for their shot at being treated as essential

Workers labeled essential, but many are missing out on vaccine

Coronavirus Today: February 15

Democrats are slated to proceed this week with work related to President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus aid plan.

Lawmakers call for commission to investigate Capitol attack

Even Trump’s most loyal allies want to hold him accountable

Maryland pioneers tax on big tech digital ad revenue

State legislators say tech giants must pay their “fair share”

Biden calls for “common-sense” gun reform on Parkland shooting anniversary

Biden promised to enact gun reform in his first 100 days on the campaign trail

Coronavirus Today: February 12

A drug used to treat arthritis has been found to cut the risk of death for people with severe infections of COVID-19.

Trump’s lawyers say Democrats used the same rhetoric in rallies by telling supporters to “fight,” “fight” and “fight.”

Trump’s defense rests its case by invoking free speech rights