Russia says NATO intervention in Donbass will “destroy” Ukraine

The U.S. is planning a training exercise to prepare for military action from China and Russia

Coronavirus Today: April 1

Pfizer’s updated data showed its vaccine remained highly effective after 6 months with no serious safety concerns so far.

Biden’s $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan criticized by both sides of the aisle

The plan boosts funding for infrastructure, renewable energy and broadband access

Microsoft scores $21.9 billion contract to supply US Army with AR goggles

The move has been met with some criticism from employees

Coronavirus Today: March 31

A hospital in New York City is under fire for billing patients more than $3,000 for routine coronavirus tests, about 30 times the typical cost.

Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine protects younger teens

The company will apply for emergency use authorization for adolescents in the coming weeks

LinkedIn becomes the latest social media platform to chase after Clubhouse

LinkedIn is planning to shift to more of a skill-sharing based platform

Coronavirus Today: March 30

Unpaid bills have more than doubled during the pandemic to an estimated $27 billion despite billions in federal stimulus

Witnesses testify in first day of Derek Chauvin trial for the death of George Floyd

Prosecutors say video evidence is smoking gun while defense argues there is more to the case

Biden warns weary Americans that the war against the pandemic isn’t over

COVID-19 cases continue to rise, sparking fears of a fourth wave