Retail businesses suffer amid coronavirus, J. Crew files for bankruptcy

J. Crew became the first national U.S. retailer to fall due to coronavirus pressure and economic shutdowns. The retailer filed for bankruptcy protections Monday, and it is estimated that other stores may follow suit. Already financially-burdened stores like JCPenney and Neiman Marcus were forced to close many of their stores, even with unemployment at an all-time high.

Trump Administration drafts international pact for mining on the moon

The White House outlined a pact with “like-minded nations.”

Coronavirus Today: May 6

President Trump states coronavirus task force will continue working indefinitely.

The debate surrounding universal mail-in voting

Stark divisions and reasoning behind mail-in voting, amplified by a pandemic.

Higher education in the Covid-19 era

From enrollment to endowments, how higher education is managing a pandemic.

Coronavirus Today: May 5

Relaxing of social distancing could cause 135K COVID-19-related deaths.

Planning for the return of sporting events

NY Gov: “What sports can you do economically without selling a ticket?”

Coronavirus Today: May 4

A Texas auto dealer said March was his worst month in 42 years.

Local News Profile: The Colorado Sun

The Colorado Sun is journalist owned, award winning, digital only outlet based in Denver.

3.8M Americans file for unemployment benefits

9% of the U.S. population and 19% of the workforce have filed jobless claims.