Panel, lawmakers recommend independent hearings for sexual assault cases in military

Secretary of Defense aims to stamp out sexual assault in military

Coronavirus Today: April 26

Nearly 8% of those who got initial Pfizer or Moderna shots missed their second doses.

India grapples with coronavirus surge, countries including US send aid

Experts say current counts could represent just a fraction of its spread

Coronavirus Today: April 23

Coronavirus reached Mt. Everest as a Norwegian climber became the first person to test positive for COVID-19 at a base camp

Supreme Court cuts Federal Trade Commission’s ability to recover ill-gotten gains

Acting FTC Chairwoman accuses court of ruling in favor of “scam artists”

Coronavirus Today: April 22

The EU prepared a legal case against AstraZeneca in response to vaccine delivery cuts that contributed to delays in the vaccine rollout

Manhunt underway for crypto CEO who allegedly vanished with $2 billion in investors’ assets

Thodex cryptocurrency owner says he wants to turn himself in to authorities

Biden commits to halving US carbon emissions by 2030

Activists call on world leaders to do more than set targets

Apple’s AirTag launch invites antitrust scrutiny as well as stalking concerns

Apple pushes back on both claims, noting that AirTags are designed to prevent stalking