Georgia Secretary of State says 1,000 residents voted twice

Critics accused Raffensperger of “pushing a right-wing narrative”

Justice Department moves to defend President Trump in rape case

The move means the U.S., and not the president, would be the defendant.

Coronavirus Today: September 8

More than 51,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported across 1,000 college campuses

China and India clash in accusations of shots fired along disputed border

Tensions worsen as Chinese authorities accuse Indian army of trespassing at Himalayan border

Gaming console leaks, sparking excitement among consumers

Microsoft vs. Sony feud heightens

U.S. House launches investigation on DeJoy

Trump indicated he will support the investigation, while Meadows called it politically motivated

Coronavirus Today: September 4

German lawmakers have proposed a reduction in the country’s quarantine period

Portland shooting suspect killed as arrest was underway

Michael Reinoehl admitted to the shooting in an interview published the day of his death

The Atlantic reports President Donald Trump referred to soldiers who died in war as “losers” and “suckers”

President Trump called The Atlantic’s report “fake news”

Coronavirus Today: September 3

Facebook will restrict new political ads and double down on misinformation about COVID-19