Former Secretary of Defense speaks out against the president, other generals follow suit

James Mattis breaks silence since leaving office to say Trump is dividing America, violating military oaths

Derek Chauvin’s charges upgraded and three additional officers charged

Cases may take months to prosecute

Senate passes bill intended to further aid small businesses

A bill clearing changes to the Paycheck Protection Program is on its way to President Trump’s desk

Coronavirus Today: June 4

Spain announced it will extend its state of emergency through June 21

Facebook encountering backlash for lack of action toward posts “glorifying violence”

Policies might be temporarily altered during continued civil unrest

Coronavirus Today: June 3

As states grapple with fallout from the pandemic, Nevada’s workforce could be hit the hardest

Steve King defeated in primary after defending white nationalism

Randy Feenstra’s win likely to retain the seat for GOP

Trump invites Russia back to U.S.-held G7 Summit

Move draws condemnation from G7, confusion from Russia

Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad “relieved of command” following shooting death

Body cams were not active, in violation of departmental policy

Coronavirus Today: June 2

With more than 6M cases worldwide, South Africa has seen cases double roughly every 12 days