Coronavirus Today: April 16

More than 5.2 million U.S. workers filed for unemployment last week.

Coronavirus Today: April 15

Trump announces he will suspend funding to the WHO.

U.S. Retail Sales Hit Record Low

The figures account for non-essential businesses, restaurants, bars, and gas stations.

Coronavirus Today: April 14

State Governors still maintain they have final say about reopening.

Coronavirus Today: April 13

23 oil-producing nations agree to cut 10B barrels from the global supply.

Coronavirus Today: April 12

The U.S. death toll passes 20,500 deaths over the weekend.

Coronavirus Today: April 10

New York Governor Cuomo says the state is seeing success with social distancing.

How the US Plans to Reopen Its Economy

The President is faced with a number of options to re-open the US economy.

Coronavirus Today: April 9

A record 10% have filed for unemployment since the coronavirus outbreak.

Sanders Exits 2020 Presidential Race

Joseph R. Biden, Jr. becomes presumptive Democratic nominee for President.