Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad “relieved of command” following shooting death

Body cams were not active, in violation of departmental policy

Coronavirus Today: June 2

With more than 6M cases worldwide, South Africa has seen cases double roughly every 12 days

Violence at protests attributed to a variety of factors

Outside actors, as well as police tactics, in consideration

Ongoing protests may spark a second wave of coronavirus infections

Use of tear gas and lack of social distancing will likely increase the spread

Section 230: The Wolf of Wall Street, President Trump, and Twitter

Democrats and Republicans are both pushing for updates

Coronavirus Today: June 1

More than 3/4 of leading CFO’s responded to a survey stating the pandemic will have “negative” impact on their companies in 2020

Future of immigration remains contentious during pandemic

USCIS request $1.2 billion bailout, immigrants face uncertainty

Coronavirus Today: May 31

Protests continued for a fifth night on Saturday to challenge the death of George Floyd and others

Women bear the economic brunt of COVID-19

More women laid off, face domestic challenges

Violence breaks out at protests around the country

Protestors demand justice for George Floyd and other victims of police brutality