Coronavirus Today: April 10

New York Governor Cuomo says the state is seeing success with social distancing.

How the US Plans to Reopen Its Economy

The President is faced with a number of options to re-open the US economy.

Coronavirus Today: April 9

A record 10% have filed for unemployment since the coronavirus outbreak.

Sanders Exits 2020 Presidential Race

Joseph R. Biden, Jr. becomes presumptive Democratic nominee for President.

Coronavirus Today: April 8

COVID-19 cases in the US double in the last week to 400,000.

Trump Considers ‘Holding’ WHO Funding

President Trump’s remarks at a press briefing resulted in varied coverage attempting to frame his intentions.

Coronavirus Today: April 7

Indigenous communities in Brazil are at risk of being “wiped out” by coronavirus.

Coronavirus Today: April 6

Italy and Spain experience a decline in new cases over the weekend.

Coronavirus Today: April 3

The number of confirmed COVID-19 infections worldwide hits 1 million.

Coronavirus Today: April 2

Unemployment claims reach 6.6 million in one week.